3 Reasons Why You Should Travel the World

Travelling, travelling, travelling… how many of us had this dream that one day we will leave everything behind and set off for the greatest journey of our life? Yet so few us actually managed to do so. We feel restrained by our duties, our work, family, friends etc etc. We seem to be highly skilled in making perfect excuses for not travelling. Yet when it comes to actually getting out of our comfort zone and exploring the world outside – things get a bit more complicated.


We always find a lot of reasons why we should rather focus on living the stable life, overwhelm ourselves with loads of duties and follow the strictly enforced society rules. How about if we forget all of these for now and try to find out some best reasons why we should actually leave everything behind and simply travel the world?

I myself already stated my epic journey around the globe and can truly say that this was in fact the best decision of my life. Every day I can find more and more reasons why my life of travelling is something which makes me a happy person. I believe that more people should at least give travelling a try. No matter how far you will go, you will end up as a richer and wiser person. Trust me.

Let me provide you with three randomly chosen reasons why you should begin your journey now:

You will meet a lot of fascinating people

Tired of your old boring friends? Then what does prevent you from leaving them behind? The world is full of exciting friendly individuals just waiting to say “hi” to you! Whether we are talking about vigorous Brazilians, warmhearted Kenyans ¬†or hospitable Tibetans – all those people are waiting to meet someone from the other side of the globe. When travelling the world you can easily make fruitful relationships and learn a lot about different cultural backgrounds. You will be surprised to see how many of your new friends will become your friends for life!

You will see the places you would never believe that they exist

When writing these words, I can’t stop thinking about the stunning scenery of Wulingyuan National Park located in the South of China. No wonder why this place is called “The Avatar Land”. If you watched the movie by James Cameron, you might be delighted to hear that there is one place on Earth which boasts the similar magnificent landscape as the one in the movie. Would you ever imagine that such place can really exist on Earth?

Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera, the Great Wall of China and similar tourist evergreens. But the world is much more than just that. Both human made and natural wonders like Wulingyuan can remind you how beautiful world we all live in. While travelling, you will get the best chance to appreciate this beauty.


You will learn a lot about yourself

Apart from getting to know the foreign cultures, visiting exotic places and meeting fascinating people – you will significantly develop as a person. Travelling is not always a piece of cake. Sometimes you need to endure the hardships of riding in a crowded train in India or walking long hours on a desert in Bolivia. But this is exactly how you develop as a stronger and wiser person.

Travelling can expose a lot of your weaknesses and help you combat them instantly. You can also learn a lot about your inner strengths and talents and how you can make the best use of them. Before coming to China I would never realize how quick I can learn to speak Mandarin Chinese and how useful this language would become for me, also in terms of career development!

Take Action Now!

I could easily provide you with dozens of other reasons why travelling the world is the best thing you can do with your life. But I won’t do it for one simple reason – I want to do it now! Too many people wait for the perfect moment to start traveling, let it be retirement, career break or whatever. The truth is that that NOW is the best moment to set off!

So… why are you still here? Get yourself a backpack and GO!

Electric Scooters for Kids? Should I buy one?

Being a caring parent is definitely not an easy task. Thousands of parents around the world are reminded about that every year, especially on a few selected occasions. One of them is your child’s birthday. So many important questions arise – what should I buy for my little sweetheart? Will they like the gift? How long are they going to play with their new toy? Another such type of occasion is obviously Christmas. Nobody likes the shopping spree dominating the corridors of shopping malls with tons of stressed parents looking for a good idea for a Christmas gift. A much better thing to do is to look for an idea online, without that hassle and bustle of supermarkets. We would like to introduce you one such idea now. Have you thought about… electric scooters for kids?

Electric Scooters for Kids

Yes, we mean it – electric scooters for kids. The good old scooters equipped with a motor engine. Suitable for younger users. Does it sound good? Not convinced yet? Well, we fully understand that. Electric scooters for kids are indeed a great type of toy, yet as with every other toy, not everyone can make full benefit of them. In this short article we would like to provide with you a couple of reasons why we find electric scooters for kids to be an amazing toy. Have a look by yourself and decide whether this is something your kid is exactly looking for under the Christmas tree.

Outdoor activity

If your kid likes to spend a lot of time outdoors playing with friends – electric scooter might be indeed a fantastic choice. Just imagine your child riding the scooter happily around the neighborhood. Especially in the sunny weather, kids might not want to go back home at all!

On the other hand, if you seriously wish your kids spent more time outdoors instead of sitting in front of the computer, getting them one of those machines might be a perfect excuse to spend more active time outside. Trust us – electric scooters for kids are much more fun than the traditional model. You don’t need to manually kick if off every time you want to move. Just pull the throttle and… here you go!

Durability and Stability

No, electric scooters for kids are not cheap plastic toys. They are much more than that. Many models currently available in the market are made of solid materials. The main frame is usually built of steel, allowing for a stable ride. This is something definitely pointing out as it also guarantees the high level of ride safety. Just make sure your kid wears a cycle helmet at all times!

As we said, despite the compact size, these are already quite serious machines, capable of making speeds up to 15 mph. Your kid will definitely love how fast they can go!

Electric Scooter


Who said that toys can only be used for fun? Just think for a moment – electric scooters for kids can be employed for a variety of other uses. Imagine that you relax at home in the armchair. Suddenly you realize that you haven’t done the shopping yet. How about sending your kid to do the groceries? Of course – on the electric scooter! Kids love helping their parents, especially if it involves a lot of fun. Riding to the shop on an electric scooter will definitely be a fun and useful task for them to do.

Moreover, kids can also ride on the scooters to visit friends or – last but not least – to go to school and back. It’s way much more fun than walking or taking a school bus, isn’t it?

These are only a couple of reasons why electric scooters for kids in our humble opinion make a perfect gift for any occasion. Christmas and Birthday included. You might be also relieved to know that they do not cost serious sums. A bit more than 100 bucks can easily get you a solid scooter designed especially for kids. However, if your kid is already a grown-up teenager, you might invest in a bit bigger and faster model, setting you back around $200. Good news – you, as an adult, can ride it too! Just don’t ride too fast, please…